Lighting and editing.

Yeah, lighting do make something in editing.

Overexposed at my face. Too high flash power?
The sky. red.
What im trying to say is, editing dalam bab lighting memang masuk gila habis. Pakai unsharp mask, shadow naik, the car looks like as if it were glowing, refer the photo above. Kalau pakai high pass sharpening, it would create another effect.

ingredients for semua editing diatas?.

Lab colour
Unsharp mask/ High pass sharpening
Gradient tint
Shadow Highlights.

All the picture above shots with Nikon D40, tamron 10-24, nikkor 18-135 and only one SB600. And a bit of brain plucking.

Moving to wordpress? thinking.

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perutkempis said...

Woah! Gila tebabow.
tamron 10-24 lagi tu. main wide.
rasa sgt inferior da aku ni.
sbb masih di ceruk pop-up flash dan kit lens.