Journey heeee

So, after reading Am's blog, i was brought to post this thread. The thread about driving fast to be exact. Am was driving fast but all to no avail, he's losing to me jugak akhirnya. wahaha. 47 minutes is just unethically slow kan? Kan?.

So, okay, i was driving Proton Putra with some modification to the engine like Drop-in Apex'i Air filter, and some aftermarket Throttle Body,. Still using Silverstone SST Sports 205/45R16 83v with Volk Te37 Replica
The picture shows the car with the 16" Work Emotion CR Kai Replica with Yokohama S206 205/45. That was the last rims and tyres. That was before. 

the conclusion is, you gotta have a balls to this. Yeah. weeeehaaaaa. And one thing more, i dare any bloggers to do faster than this. :D


Anonymous said...

ta kire haha. waa. ko mesti maintain ni kn laju. aku ta maintain la. gile ke. aku da la drive memlm.

n then ko from gambang to karak. mesti construction jln tu laen. haha. n lori byk wei

p/s: da kalah byk la mulut aku ni. haha

Ichi said...!! actually aku rase arm tgk aku nye post tu die buat gax..
nway terkejut tgk 47minit but tht to gambang..aku n arm till exit Ktn which add more 30km plus..aku baru blk tu xspeedy sgt due tu byk kete slow time lane satu..

nway aku sahut cabaran ko bro..akan ku post my ticket sok n will try set new benchmark..ape2 pun waa respect same lu!!