So, this post is for the 2nd day of raya. Nothing much i do, just entertaining some of my family's friend that my parent invite. No jalan2 to rumah orang for me. And only one friend that stop by my house. And i was busy doing nothing that day. For all who keep sending me Raya sms, and greetings, thanks a LOT. And to all, i did send to you, only partial of my namelist lah..I have no credit la to send to you all. Adeh. OK. like usual, enough crap and crap. enjoice the pictureMy father and Uncle Lim. Busy do their talking there. TalAuntie Siti, Kak Ikin, i don't know and Meen. Woah All kebaya-dressed girl. woah.
Pakcik Razak and Uncle Lim and her son. Actually got a lot of people came to my house that day, but forgot to take picture lah. hehe.
=D son of Uncle Lim. I mean, another Uncle Lim.
And then me again, nothing to do, just go through with my handphone and message2. I wonder who i was chatting with that day. ahaa..
Auntie Siti and my mum. My mum pun dah pandai dah candid2 ni..hahaha
Kak long Zareen. Calling her uncle kot?..hehe.. A spontaneous act, caught by my camera. ahaa
Kak ikin. and i don't know. hehe..This one is unposed picture too..hehe
So, my cat get so boring that day, with no one entertain him, and because of that, he lied on the carpet, and do that mouth. Psst..he have no taring dy. 1 taring lost i don't know where. ha ha ha. Later after that, Alif my friend come over to visit for Raya. haha..no picture. And alif eat like 4-5 times in my house. That bloody fella. hahahaha..
And then, I get so friggin' bored, Alif and i decided to go to Jalan-jalan and then you know what, the first place that popped out in my mind is Teluk Chempedak. Wah!..long time already not going to TC. Last 6 month, this place is like "aarhh..so boring, everyday go!..=.=".."... By the way, the picture showing the Proton wira with a nice Oil cooler there. I wonder what engine is it?. ahah
After reaching the Teluk Chempedak, i was like, so shocked. Bapak ahhh..You know what, 2nd day of raya, the beach is damn crammed full of people (literally). Banyak gila orang. Foreigner, and those who live in rural area around Kuantan, (by the style i look lah), all gather at the Teluk Chempedak. Damn.
You can rarely see the people full like this, in this date. ha ha. Psst..the picture is like, wide lens kan?...Sigma 10-20. grrr...Look at that sky..woot2!.
And yet, as usual, if got a lot of people, must got a lot of rubbish, garbage. I don't understand lah what with these people nowadays. They don't know how to appreciate earth ke?..
Look. A lot of people. And there;s a lot at the back of my camera, just forgot to take picture, because you know lah foreigner, we'll never know whether they're good or not. Skeptical sia terhadap foreigner ni. Padahal, Matt Damon tu foreigner gak, even myself also foreigner. eheh
Hah..see2...a lot of people, even malay got a lot here, maybe they don't know where to go lah. then go here. EH..this is raya right, they should visit their relatives home lah!. ayoo
Full and crammed of a lot of people. Aisey. This is raya lah..hahaha
and there's again. The rubbish and the garbage, left by the un-earth-ical, no-brain visitor. And then again, you see. A lot of people kan?..what the hell lah I've been mad about. Aisey!..Let them be..
And then, after jalan and walking2 at the beach, with full of people there, Alif planned to buy McD for his sister and brother, so, there was i and alif, queue for the line. uerghh..the McD getting poorer. adey. haha.. You know, I asked Alif to buy McFlurry Oreo for me, and i want to pay for it. But ade ke, he'd belanja me not with mcflurry oreo, but with mudpie. Mcflurry oreo coated with chocolate. erghhh...sweet gile.. macam youuuu
So, Alif drive us back to his house at Bukit Sekilau there. and while waiting for him, I captured this Gen2. I don't know why but I sort of like the Gen2 CPS. The facelift, and the engine. The original Cam Profile Switching. Not like the Gen2 campro you all been driving now. The engine is not really a finished product. And yet the ECU for Campro is damn pricey, because all the sensor and so on so on. Enough blabbering about cars.
After send all the food to his house, I and Alif decided to fulfill the 2nd Pillars of Islam, Salat Asr, or Solat Asar at the Masjid Besar Kuantan. You want to know some facts?..some of the muslim nowadays, still didn't know how to perform Solat. that's why lah you can see, the people in malaysia not yet combined to be a better rakyat. sigh. and yet they still enjoy the life. and that's why the world is getting hot and hotter day by day. and they say, Music is life. Think again My friends. After solat, me and my friends plan to go Yumcha and eat2 a bit. anddddd....
then, plan to go to Taj Megamall, CLOSED, and then the other restaurant lah, De mall, CLOSED. and then fwahh..lucky got Restoran Alif. haha..not my friend's restaurant. but the same name. so, after parking at the back of the restaurant, we're looking the place to sit. Actually we want to sit in front of that restaurant, but Woah..bapak ramai orang jugak. Break fast agaknyer. So i sit at the back je..Ordered the lime ice, we hangout like 30 minutes. and then go back because...not perform prayer lagi lah weh.
And there he goes. Alif, my long time bestfriend, from 10 years old till now. Woah. close to 9 years already. Bapak lah lame, Alif. Ha ha ha. After the yumcha, alif send me home. after reaching home, in front of my house, suddenly my stupid loud thinking voice came out.

me : "..Alif, doakan aku dapat girlfriend cepat2. aku dah lama single ni. eheh"

and he was like

Alif :"..ha ha ha. OK2. Aku ada stock banyak kat UM.."

me : "..ciss.."

and then he go back, and i go back also, and i sleep after that. HA HA HA.

That's All for the Hari Raya. wait for the raya 4. I'm starting to like to make this kind of bloggie thing lah. Photo blogging. Yeah2. kinda interesting. but frankly, i still need to provoke my mind to be a better writer. Look lah my blog now. Bapak banyak Manglish. i need to read more on english and have to practice everyday speaking a good english, not like Little bit campur2 english. ahaha ha ha OK now. GTG. pray for my happiness okeyy?.. :D

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