I know its late, but i just want to make sort of diary before raya2. This one is the night before Raya, where everybody was busy doing something and i was like, nothing to do. then i take my camera and starting to take picture all the thing my sister and my mum do. Actually, i want to make it look like discovery or photojournalism, but i don't know whether what i was back then is the photojournalism style. Like it or not, here's some of the picture.
A pudding in the making, first off with mixing various ingredients with a grain product or another binder (e.g., batter, flour, cereal, blood, eggs, suet, bla bla). These puddings are cooked by boiling.
The fruit product inside the pudding itself. A part of the pudding ingredient lah. And you can get the fruit in the fruit can, available at your local kedai buncit.

There you have it, the finished product. After pour onto the boiled mixing onto the fruit just now, cooled it. (heh, since when my blog become cooking/recipe blog?..)
Rendang, just finished cooking. Not in time when it was in early process of making the rendang. Sedar-sedar dah siap masak dah. hah. what is this ar?..i don't know whats the name, but i do know how to eat it. ahaa..

The chicken meat was 'spiced' before cooking. Spice is used in nutritionally insignificant quantities as a food additive for the purpose of flavoring, and sometimes as a preservative by killing or preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. sigh..I don't know what is this called, but i do know how to eat it. nyum2 . finished product.A know-it-all biscuit. i got nothing to say to this freak. wahahaha
After a much picture taken, i found this light trail and my mind starting to process things that mr. gezzeg once told me. " A light trail..a light trail..high ISO, no flash..must have D300." there you have it. Tak lawa pun. Try and Error. Research and Destroy.
A cake for every raya day. A must have meal. A chocolate cake with cherry or what thing there. huuuu...
A cupcake. A baby cake. A muffin with icing like cake. A new thingy, like indie stuff or something. Indie?..shit.Product shoot for cupcake. Since the colour for this original photo is out-of-colour, i purposely low the colour intensity down, made it looks like a picture from 7o's cooks magazine.

you know what?..after taking all the picture, and then upload it here, this thing just came out suddenly in my mind. " laa..tak amek gambar kueh raya ke?..adey" can the 5 picture missing, and i very lazy you know to take it now and upload it. yea laa..since my computer is just 256mb ram, how can?..distressingly slow. haaaishh...this is all the picture for now. Wait for Raya1 thread coming.

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Anonymous said...

wa wa wa. D300 tuh. wei bro angkat la D90. pastu sppedlite SB-900. gempak. xpon D700. haha