So before this, i never, in this blog, showing the photo, that have a bit of automotive thingy. Yeah. Once before, i am so into this kind of photography. But apparently , at that time, NO DSLR and not really into this lah.. Just angan-angan.

Long-long time ago, about 1 and a half years to 2 and a half years back, i really love Traffic Magazine. The car, the Editor, the crews, all of them are, friggin'ly one of a kind. And they are all Malays.

Not to be racist eh, but malay people nowadays tends to go for F***ing ***h*** Mat Rempit styles rather than simple, eastern, malay style. What lah you!..

OK, Back to the topic.

I got to say, that, Traffic Magazine are far better than Hypertune Magazine at that time. Yeah. But after a few month in 2005, they stopped their production. Adeh. Hurt me much lah..cannot tolong melayu dy. Under that circumstances, i must obey the pull-ness, and the attractiveness of the Hypertune Magazine. So, i buy lah that mag month after month.

You know why Traffic Bankrupt?it is because stiff nowadays more people are relying on the net for latest updates on automobiles...more reliable and so many sources are available...

ha ha ha..Enough crappy, sweet pea. here are my works, tried to snap car picture lah..boring lah nowadays.
Proton Wira Aeroback Special Editon
At this angle, IMHO, i think this photo looks good enough for me. Ya lah, where can fight Kenny Yeoh and Victor Chen and their gang. ha ha ha ha. Good one lah for amateur like me.

Proton. The new Emblem
Well, this looks like kinda kotor, because, i was in Balik Kampung trip that day. So, never got time to basuh kereta lorr...ha ha ha..ini pun masa tengah stop nak berehat.

The Distraction. Perodua Myvi.
I sengaja adjust to this angle to compared this both car. They both have the nearly same price tax and one offers a comfort and the other one offers kinda heavy reaction on a steering wheel. Can you tell the difference?..ha ha ha

Ok-lah. that's for all.


RFPhotoJournalister wey!

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