Some Update

EK9 B18CR MUGEN-SPEC - Friend's Car
There's probably a lot that I need to update since I left this blogging world couple of years ago. After knowing that my trusty ol' Nikon D40 can't work up to my level of getting deep into this automotive photography demand, I just left.

I know that my expectation is somehow somewhat exceed on what I should do in this 'shooting-car' world, I'd figured that the only way is just, leaving what I love. Passion was never an issue, but the money-constraint leaving me to no choice. Being a camera and car-sucker, I would love to own those high-end cameras and lenses, but timing and education was better off important to me at that time. (but I bought a car though, lol :'p)

But I knew it would be time for me someday to return to these world of never ending car life, and I'd guess it should be this year, for me to start back what I left. So guys, welcome back to my blog where I will post up everything I like, whether it is original or non-original content, or everything here.

Pardon the some quality of the picture as it was taken by the Iphone 5C. Tweaked them colours and some stuff. And pardon my English, too. Haha

KE70 - My ex-car

And some very quick update for you readers, I am
- not yet married
- not having any of those high-end camera, yet
- owning a sweet FR now. Its a Nissan Cefiro A31 RB20DET
- unemployed, still looking for jobs
- still into cars, cameras and chicks, of course
- going to update this blog wherever, whenever I have time.
- currently active in social network - Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram
- in need of money to modified my car
- in need of a daily ride. Nissan Note would be suffice. lol

Haha. Follow me on my instagram: @revsphoto

94' Nissan Cefiro A31 - Current Car
Photo courtesy of  @ikman.amran

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