Project Cassie Part #2 - Along The Journey

Heyya mate! Remember my first post about Cassie? Yeah, the blue 510. So, it's been around 8 month since I first take her to my own garage. Quite a little change to her if you saw the above picture. Yup, I had changed several things to make her more attractive actually.

So, as you can see, I had changed the grill to deluxe model, not so 'new' front bonnet, ditching the front bumper, yellowed headlamps and colorful steelies. I think everyone must be upset why I had ditch the Black Racing banana with the steelies.

I think, banana type wheels is too mainstream nowadays. Sorry to say, but I cannot accept the price that had been stated for banana type wheels. Hoping to rocking up Cassie with custom widened steelies is more nicer IMHO. Anyway, there are still many things to do with Cassie. Maybe will send her to body shop for some bodywork, and if I had some extra cash, I would like to change the color of her.

If you want to know, all of the above pictures were taken with film. I think I had fall in love with film photography, love the colors and tone that film produces. So, after this you may saw other entry from me using film instead of digital. Anyway, pray the best for me and my Cassie. Hoping to make Cassie more nicer will be a success.

Thanks, asuramaru.


Anonymous said...

steelie tak berat ke? pisang pergi mana plak?


asuramaru™ said...

pisang dah jual la abe bakat... ntah la, aku rasa cam berkenan kat steelies pulok~ =P

Farique said...

film photography, it takes luck to do it. And each luck is consists of 36 pieces. LOL.. or 39 if youre lucky. =P

lovin the film photos.

asuramaru™ said...

Thanks mate. I'm trying to improve myself in photography by using film, and I think it worked quite well somehow. Thanks for visiting our blog anyway~ =)