Kemaman Sideways

Alright, what do you see here is a picture a from Kemaman small drift event last week, although not there to compete or having a photoshoot, I just snap random pictures that blog-worthy. Although I have no idea right now, I still keep on typing.

Car that you see here is a Datsun 140y owned by Panjang from Kemaman. From what i've heard before, this car is a member from TREND (Kemaman's drift club). Its good though, because even my own states doesnt have this kind of club to begin with. At least they have their own right?

Front rims are 15'x8 CE28 and rear rims are probably watanabes. You can see here that this body was drilled everywhere to reduce its weight.

This 140Y actually powered by CA18DET, so no wonder its powerful right. And you can see right there is Payein's Orange KE70 that previously belong to D18 members.

One of the most powerful car in this drift event, he sure must train a lot, isn't it, encik Payein? Powered by 4A-GE 16v, surely he can master this small tracks.

Oh yeah, this is from driftozona, you can see him at actually. Nice set-up all around with stock engine. Very well-prepared car.

And yeah, there it is, Pinkee from Kemaman, no, not belong to our fellow photographer, Azuan, this car is plainly Pink. :D

4A-GE powered Abe Faday's car.

KE26 wagon here

That's only it.

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