Cars and Coffee Kuantan

Actually guys, it is not cars and coffee, its just me doing that title. I made that up. HAHA. Last couple of weeks ago, I am invited to a TT session Kuantan Old schoolers, more popular in "BACKWHEELBITCHES" name. The meet was fine, everybody being so nice to each other. So, Just enjoy couple of pictures i took that night. Soon they will have their shops and everything. I'll keep you up to date with that. 

Quite clean KE70 Quad headlamp, albeit the door trim was peel off.

Opel Kadett with Japan wheels right here.

Would you look at that, Riverge.
One of the awesome kadett. Powered by 4A-GE. Clean-cut old school car. 

Sleek bodyline.
Celica, big wheels and everything.

HAHA. See, this car is powered with SR20. 


Mitsubishi GTO anyone? :)

Toyota Corona Mark II

Please visit for more info on these guy.


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