Wandering around my hometown the other day, I (as always) stumbled upon this car that I recently like. To be frank, this is quite a 4-5th time I come here to have a look. Excuse the fetishness, but I always have this one feeling looking at big bodied FR Sedan. Just like JZX100 and JZS161 and Stagea, ER34 and god knows what else.

I think its already close to 10 years this car was abandoned. With all green all around, and inside, this sure brings heart ache to a person like me. Nahh.. I just see and smile oni..

Originally being an Airport taxi, as told by the co-owner of the place, this car was big enough to accomodate big2 guy. Like my friends here, mister Azrin. hehehe :p

From what I've wiki'ed just now, it is more to MX83 cressida body. I did not know anything about this. Need to ask my fellow friends about all the JZX/GX/MX. Not enough experience.

The mark II signs was everywhere, I only that it is a Mark 2, not knowing what chassis is this...

.. but the real thing is, I like this car, I just wish i have more time and money, so i can build this. HAHA. As always, Plonk in 1J, big rims and your good to go.. Cliche..

Powered by 2.4 Diesel engine, as written by the emblem there, buttttt also I am not so sure. It says (on wiki) 22r 2.4 litre engine is 4 cylinder petrol. I guess i need someone to clarify me on this..

I think it is going to finish here but I practically walk around the area, I (yet again) stumbled upon this another 2 abandoned creatures.

It was the same MX83 cressida as a Taxi, owned by Persatuan Bekas Perajurit (Ex-army association). Been all left up to the point that, no one really appreciate the feeling of JDM! LOLLLOLOLOL.

Taxi/kereta Sewa
Owned by Persatuan Bekas Bekas Perajurit Malaysia..
One of them is in auto transmission and the other one is in 5speed.
The pale red one is in Auto transmission, with big digital speedometer on the center console box. I did not take the picture as I was using 50mm thru out the shoot.

Super Deluxe!

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