Project Cassie Part #1 - Introduction

Firstly, Happy New Year 2012! Hope it is not too late to wish to all Revsphotoblog readers. A blue 510? What a nice color for an old school jewel like this. Anyway, I would like to present to all of the readers, my own 510, codenamed "Cassie".

Cassie is a 71' Datsun Bluebird 510, originally powered by 1400cc L14 straight 4 engine. But, the previous owner before this had changed the engine to 1600cc L16 from 1600 SSS model. He also had change all of the dash into 69' 1600 SSS model, 68' front grill assembly and a RARE set of 1600 SSS Coupe tail light.

Reppin' Jaguh Autoworks and Fatlace : Illest. Thanks to Jaguh a.k.a Afif for giving me these stickers to rep it. Really appreciate that mate.

Rocking a set of 15 inch Black Racing banana type, twins of Watanabe with 15 x 6.5jj +21 offset all around.  Already upgraded to disc brake system to all four braking system.

Reppin' JNC at both rear quarter glass.

Lastly, I'm very glad to own one of the jewel in old school car community. Hoping that this project will be a greatest project that I had ever own one in my life. Maybe this project will be quite slow, but I will update if there are any kind of progress.

Thanks, asuramaru

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