Jaguh Autoworks's KE70

Black on Black? Not everyone type of taste. But this KE70 really make an attraction to any automotive enthusiast in the world. Owned by Afif a.k.a Jaguh, one of my friends in automotive scene. Known him about 3 years or more. Saw him first time at Ammar's house, helping Ammar on his 808 dash wiring.

Before this, this KE70 was red in color with polished dished rims. But after a total makeover from him for his final year project, this black beast was reborn. Still maintaining the original engine, 4K, but with some of his own special recipe for the internals + gearbox and a welded differential for drifting purpose. All of the modification had been done by himself, as he was an  automotive student before this

So, on my last visit to Kuala Lumpur, he had contact me to shoot this black beast with some different style from other shoots. Wearing a formal style suit, as for office works, but to pose it with the black beast. Just like Ken Block and Matt Powers shoot out in Speedhunters from Linhbergh.

Representing Canibeat and Fatlace, and also his own blog, Jaguh Autoworks at the rear windscreen. All of the stickers are totally legit. No fake shit here though. Anyway, if you look this beast properly, you will see a custom made roll-cage inside of this beast. For readers information, the roll-cage had been done by himself during the process in his final year project.

Although it rocking a full straight pipes with side exit, this black beast didn't sound really loud compared to other cars that using straight pipes. But it really sound nicely done.

Running a quite negative camber at the front, used for drifting purpose. All the suspension parts are done by himself, custom adjustable, custom extended lower arm, custom knuckle, custom RCA, and many more parts. If you do want any of the parts, do contact him ya!

Dress-up like a boss and posing with his black beast. Really turn up the style.

 Cruising around the town with this beast, really makes others keen to ponder although just a second.

Although rocking a set of 13 inch mags wheels, this beast have a nice fitment though. Slightly slammed but still practical for Malaysian road. Really dig the fitment on this beast.

Finally, I end this up with a dramatic panning style shot. Although it quite blurry, but the effect make the picture feeling more artistic. Hope to see this beast with more upgrades after my next visit. Anyway if you want to contact with Afif, feel free to visit his blog -   http://jaguhautoworks.wordpress.com/

Thanks, asuramaru.

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