Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Well, there was nothing on me this Eid ul Adha, except for my both babies here. No plan on upgrading powerplant, but thinking of selling one of this to upgrade to better chassis. LOL not in a near time. Been drifting for awhile now with the beat-up spec wagon, Thanks to the sifu here. 

One of the car that always stay with me no matter what. A practical car, auto transmission, good for run around the cities pick up things and flirting girls, but still, FF. Ok la. So-so la..

Happy Eid-ul Adha to you guys who read this, (LOL i bet no one read this). May Allah bless us and our family thru out the year.

Enjoy my wagon having its good time, Sideways it is.


asuramaru™ said...

i iz jellyyyy~ x_X

revs Chapman said...

hahahha jelly? u got powerful car alreadyy maaaaaa..haha

asuramaru™ said...

powerful but still cannot dori2 maaaa~
hahahahaha.... =P