Flat Grey 510

By looking from the front mount intercooler (FMIC), we know that this 510 is powered by turbocharged engine. Yup, this 510 is really powered by a fairly known engine, SR20DET from S14. Owned by one of my oldskool car club friend, known as Pok Tek. Pok Tek had been known for many years in owning Datsun 510. This is maybe the 5th or 6th 510 that he own. One of his famous creation, a pink colored 510 CA18DET powered for a while and change it to 13B and a flat green 510 powered by L16 with twin weber DCOE 40.

This car just had been finished from a paint job when I shoot this. Before this, this monster was in black colour, but Pok Tek want to change it to flat grey because he want to make this monster different than other 510. And yet, he really dig it. Good job Pok Tek.

Still maintaining the original 69' dash, but with some modern touch like Apex'i RSM for several readings, Silvia steering rack and pinion system with the steering wheel replacing the original Datsun steering box. He also maintaining all the original interior that really rare to find for now.

Rocking the Work ASA 16 inch, with 4 pot brake in front, single pot at the back. A quite nice stance for this monster, still practical for Malaysia's road condition. Pok Tek also had treat me with a nice burnout from this monster. Quite a nice view would I say. Anyway thanks to Pok Tek for giving me a chance to shoot this monster. Hope that one day my 510 will be as perfect just like this monster.

Thanks, asuramaru.

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