weekend warrior

For a working man like me, every weekend is a gateway from work for me, especially for part time photographer/photoblogger, with me getting more in love with automotive everyday minutes by minutes,gain knowledge from blog , friends , also from other enthuist , its hard not to keep thinking " Hey! I want to be awesome like that guy! "

nehh , not this guy :D the black stig is too uber cool, its kead ke kaito yaww!

So last weekend , I spend mostly hanging out with the ma boy, talking about cars ,critizing about the other car which passing by while we're hang out at Under Tree Teluk Chempedak Bay. We do hookah like theres no tomorrow , joining me ,blog owner himself ,Bancha visenuk ,Kead kesaito , and 'Symphonie plastic' Mursyid and also nearby is boys from SCC ,Arham and the gangs.

While on Sunday ,being the last Sunday before Ramadhan , Gebeng drift course is thrive with KE70. Too bad , I'm not well prepared with battery almost dead, kit lens ,and no flash. So here the little amount of photo I could share ,while the other photo is almost teh same : )

With me ,arriving late, the seniors already starting warming up and keep drifting fun session. here Panjang with his 3-AC powered KE70

Azhar also joining up that evening with his 4AGE sidedraft carb E70 , i could only tell you how near his end was thrown at me..

w which was only 3 feet from me. :D with No barrier. Next time , I will bring zoom lens and stay away for safety just in case the car lose control :))

Ah tong KE70 , also 4AG powered. Too bad , i lost the shot of his car drifting around the track, this man also mad lmao :))

ahh! also the regular gebeng drifter , this starlet , also known as kambing in Malaysia , this Kambing powered by 7K : )

He is getting better everyweek , I forgot what was his name. I wonder when Ariff will complete his car so I can drive it in this track.:P

Too early I'd guess : ) also while tandem with Panjang , he accidently hit Panjang's left door cause him to spun out causing Panjang's door got a big dent.

When the evening getting darker, I called its a wrap , as my camera are already limited by the low light condition. Hoping to get better lens next time. Talking about body wise? My ISO3200 iso still can handle the noise.
One conclusion , panjang is the master of the new R shape track.

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