Lost Identity - Codename : Banzai KE70

Lurking from the ashes, peeking from the side of the road, this mean machine, a KE70 named Banzai, cruising proudly through the road of Kuala Lumpur (KL) with a mean stance and style, making attention to the crowd, giving the owner a proud feeling that can't be expressed by words.

This KE70 a.k.a Banzai by it's owner, Aizad had gone a long journey before become as nice as it looked now. Last 2 years before this, it just a plain KE70 that we saw at daily market that had been drove by our uncle. But, Aizad want to make Banzai as one of it's kind, so he started drafting the project for Banzai last 2 years. Now, what you see is the result or outcome of the project that had been planned by Aizad to his lovely Banzai.

Banzai is now rocking a special motor that had been customized according to Aizad's plan. Still rocking the original 4k engine but with special recipe inside. The carburetor also had been upgraded to Weber DGAV 32/36 type to make Banzai more powerful than other KE70. The oil filter also had been relocated and a custom oil cooler had been placed in front of the nice chrome bumper.

If you wondering, why the front looked weird than usual KE70, it is because Aizad had been modified the front look according the japanese style that known as Bōsōzoku. This style of modification is started from japan, and most of the hardcore old school car lover know about this kind of modification style. Sharknose (extended bonnet and fender), super low front lips, extended flared both front and rear fender, super lowered stance and high style ducktail is the characteristic of the Bōsōzoku style.

Beside the extreme exterior makeover, Banzai also rocking a set of SSR MK 2 rims. 13' x 6.5jj for front, and 13' x 7.5jj for rear. For make the rims fitment looked super great, Aizad had placed some spacers for the rim to sits nicely beside the flared fenders. At the back, a twin boso pipes had been connected straight from the exhaust pipes that sound really-really loud. It also spits fire when Aizad push the button from the dashboard. It also has an extended boso pipe that been used when Banzai joining any events or convoys.

Aizad had told that there will be some more future projects for his lovely Banzai. But, the current look of Banzai had make Aizad feel proud when cruising around KL. A lot of hard work and money had been spent for make Banzai look as nice as it is. Congrats to Aizad that he had make Banzai, one of it's kind in Malaysia. Hope that we will see more Bōsōzoku machine around Malaysia's automotive scene.

Banzai's details spec been attached below ;

- Toyota Corolla KE70 DX Blackbelt 1981
- Convert to DX Quattro-round-lights
- DX Red Banzai Bosozoku

- 4K 1.3cc upgrade to 1.5cc
- 5K 80.5mm Oversize Pistons
- Head Port & Polish
- DGAV 32/36 Downdraught Single Weber
- 4-1 Extractor
- 2inch Straight Pipe
- BEHR Custom Oil Cooler
- Unser 7K Starter
- Sanden Aircond
- Blue Thunder 8.3mm Plug Cable

- K50 Gear Box
- Lightened Flywheel
- Open Diff Std Axle

Suspension & Chassis:
- Std Abs & Lowering Spring (Front)
- Pajero V6 Abs (1tonne) & Lowering Spring (Rear)
- S13 Pillowball moded to KE70
- Roll Center Adjuster 1.5"

- Black & Red Dash Theme
- MOMO Imitation Deep Dish Steering
- Apexi Pen-type Timer
- Jasma Digital RPM Meter
- SSCUS E8 Semibucket Seat
- SSCUS Rear Seat Refrabricated with Headrest
- SSCUS 4 Door Panels Refrabricated
- Bluebird 910 Floor-mat

Exterior & Accessories:
- Front Custom Extended Hood (Sharknose)
- Front Custom Metal Lips
- Front Japanese Rising Sun Hood
- Rear Custom Duck-tail Metal Spoiler
- 4" Wide Wheel Arch (all-round)
- Custom DX Front Grill with 180K Skyline Logo
- Chrome Door Visor (mod from Civic 1st-Gen)
- GL Lower Panel Chrome Lining (NOS)
- Tsurikawa Hanging Metal-Ring
- JASMA Coil Flamethrower Exhaust
- MotorFIX Windscreen Sticker
- Dixie Musical Honking
- Alarm Systems
- Fender Mirrors
- Bosozoku Pipes

- SSR MKII 13"x114.5x6.5jj (front)
- SSR MKII 13"x114.5x7jj (rear)
- Goodyear Eagle GA 165/65R13 (front)
- Sime Tyres Astar Prima 175/60R13 (rear)
- 8mmx2pcs Wheel Spacer (front)
- 8mmx2pcs+25mm+5mm Wheel Spacer (rear)

Audio Systems:
- KENWOOD Double-din DPX-5200M Head-unit (CD & MD)
- X-file Tarantula 2500w 4-channel Amplifier
- X-file 360w 6x9" 3way Rear Speaker
- X-file 10" Single Woofer
- LV Audio RCA Cable
- E-zone Pre-amp

- TRD Hi-camshaft
- Twin DCOE 40
- AE70 Sprinter Rear lamp
- and the list continues..

- PSBY Puchong
- RMW Taman Medan
- SATO Pandan Indah
- MICHELIN Damai Perdana

Thanks, asuramaru

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