Car of the Rising Sun

Spend almost one day zig-zagging the roads in my hometown, I seldom stop my car to capture something, but in this case, I bumped upon this creature that has been there for quite awhile. It was Datsun B110. A quick handbrake and U-turn make me realise that I'm all passion about cars.

Seeing things that could clearly distinguishes between old and new is such a monumental. To the point that no one would even believe that sometimes small little things can make our hearts grow even bigger, towards what we love. When I run across this B110, somehow, someway, it makes my heart glow.

Sitting on All-time favourite Enkei 13x6, the car looks substantially improved. Rather than the skinny steel rims. And almost perfect body line, with a eat-up-by-years scars, this shows that the car have that old school memory behind all those rust and not perfect bodyline. Close to what we saw on the..

..other half of the car where the rust are torning up the bodyline, leaving a body full of a scars, that need times (and of course money) to recover to the new age of Old school. 

Building this kind of creature needs a lot of passion, because you don't know what you will encounter after starting the journey of restoring historic cars. Talking about historics, this second generation Sunny, was also known as the Datsun 1200 manufacture in 1970. That's almost 40 years now.

Come to think about it, a 40 years old car, a car that way older than myself, still maintain its exclusivity right here in 2011. Maybe a bit hard to find parts for this car, nevertheless, keeping the old school spirits and passion could possibly drive you to make or drive a better car than nowadays car. That's a B110. Small car with a big-hearted fans.


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