Sunday Hangout

So yesterday was the only leave i have a week. Without my wing-man Ariff , i decide to do some solo car hunt, unfortunately it was uncessfull.

Thankfully, Mursyid and Kead send me an alert that some fellow drifter from kemaman will be in Gebeng for the evening.

Quickly grab the camera and off to Gebeng for some local drift action.

with the cloud surrounding the sky , I'm blindly head to the track without carrying umbrella, raincoat and most important ,waterproof fast lense, which all I didn't have :D

time goes fast , and i took a short cut through some local orchard

Arriving at the track , the storm is already brewing, and i getting anxious

the goodnews is , Murshid already arrive with Bancha , and the friends from Kemaman :D

With the other boys finish setting up their tires ,

pre-heating,burning some rubbers, the next thing i see...

this baby KE70 4-AGze already humping the bumpy track, with Mursyid on-board having a litle tutor on proper drift. Boy , what a ride he had that evening.

too bad , shortly after, the rain pour like it was nobody business, and i had to shut off my baby canon. the good thing is, the action is ramping up with all the standard engine Corolla joining in the ring, including a Civic EF and an Accord. Lmao . What a day to call. :)

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