Midnight Purple Madness X8 Mark II

If you see the car above, you will not notice it was an airport taxi before this. Aggressive fitment, super low ride height, marvelous paint job, massive front mount intercooler and many more superb job that had been done to this f-nice looking X8 Mark II.

Azrin a.k.a Bob, the owner of the car had been giving care on his ride about 3 years before it looked as nice as it now. It actually started with a LX80 model facelift and rear end, but bob had fully convert the facelift and the rear end to JZX81 Mark II model. It rocks BN Sport front bumper, Big Win side skirt and rear bumper, custom made fiber front bonnet and a nice modified E30 ducktail touch at the rear bonnet and custom fitted SM4 roof spoiler that looked like factory fitted.

Rocking the 1JZ taken from JZX81 Chaser halfcut, with wireless engine bay done by wiring master, Joe40c. Still stock, just changed the intercooler to GTR intercooler and blitz air filter, but this engine had some problems. Bob still working on the problems but the car still can run nicely.

The blacked wheel that the car rocked on is a set of Super Advan 17' x 9jj offset +19 all around. It had been supported by Tein HA adjustable absorber with Swift Springs (f : 12kg / r : 10kg). It sits really ridiculously low for Malaysian road but still can be used for weekend pleasure.

If all of you wonder what is the color code of this mean machine, it is coded - Midnight Purple from Nissan Skyline BNR34 GTR V-Spec II. This color is really nice when combined with the sexy body of this mean X8. Bob had spend around 4k for paint job. Quite pricey right? But it really reveals the sexyness of this mean X8.

For the interior, Bob fully convert to JZX81 dashboard with digital meter that looked really cool. There are also Blitz boost meter for boost reading, a nice Nardi Classico 14 inch steering wheel, a Razo gear knob and a Kenwood MP3 player for some musics tunes during crusing. An unknown brand of full bucket seat for the driver and a nice subaru impreza seat for the passenger.

The last owner before this must be so jealous when he saw the condition of the ride now. Bob really put his all effort on restoring this nice looking X8, now the effort is really worth it when the ride in this nicest condition. Anyway if anyone of you quite interested with this mean machine, surprisingly the car is up for sale. So if anyone who interested can contact Bob through his facebook and you can visit also his blog for further info for this nice X8. It's not an urgent sale, but if anyone who interested can just contact Bob for any inquiries.

Thanks, asuramaru.


Slappy said...

Love this car!!!! He did such a great job with the execution.

Mike Kong said...

perfect!!! nice write up and love the pics...

the car is definitely too nice to hate!

Fiza Chan..! said...

so catchy^_^
frOm zerO to hero of the road =D