Troll nights.

I was bored the other day when I decided to troll some page at Facebook. It was actually starts by my friend telling me that this one page doesn't like trolls. In different way, we thought that this page might be feeding the trolls thru their wall posts, or might be a troll bait? While not shooting cars, I join them :)

As you can see, they're starting to feed the troll by giving this annoyed, and full of hate wallpost. Wrong place, wrong time yo!.

Having full time of doing nothing, we began to attack this page. Concern troll FTW.

 With total of 8 friends, starting with concern troll and then spam troll, we fire them kaw2 sial. ahhaha

The last of it. Me and my 7 friend was blocked by the admin of this page. HAHA. I guess the owner must be butthurtz and shitbrickz all the way.
PRT SCRN Picture courtesy of Film photographer,Mohd Saddam. You can go see his blog at

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