Car trailer

Dreaming of owning/building race car is a must have thoughts in all car enthusiast head. Like me, substantially owning or having thoughts of having race car, is one thing i think every single day in a every month. Haha. Come to think about it, owning a race car means it is non-legal to drive by 'government's road'. So, it came up that i wish someday I owned a car trailer. The ones that I can bring to a nearby tracks / circuit. Feels good, aint it?

I wish someday i could own this. Like the ones with 180SX and TE37 storage. Awww. Just my cup of tea!

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ellmiesupreme said...

kalau xsilap aku puspakom ke jpj yg xlepaskan car trailer ni kat not very sure bout it

bala murugan said...

Wow its really interesting article...
I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks...!

Car Trailers