Zamil's KE70

Last weekend, without spending quality time after my college call, I decided to go KL in the next day. Met with Zamil and Akram that night, I decided to 'always impromptu' photoshoot his car. Its more like biasa2 shoot his car. But still, I am very noob when it comes to shoot at night.

Its a KE70 GL, with a couple of modification done by this young kid. Looks are very important to some people when it comes to owning Old School car.

The tyres were plainly painted yellow on its Goodyear alphabets. As he planned to attend Drift clinic 4-5 days after I shoot his car. Sitting on 14x6 Bridgestone Zona with Goodyears tyres, he wish to owned a Watanabe rims someday.

Owning any car, it requires a driver/owner satisfaction, just like this picture shows. A good stance, couple of modification, what more could you asks from a Sendiri Sponsor Sendiri Student association. Haha

As the standard 4k is the standard engine for KE70, this fella plonk in 4AGE Silvertop in his ride. Really a one step further from a standard/purists KE70 owner.

Lips from retrobodykits, rare Corolla emblem, Stock looks. This defines the owner satisfaction. Being a usual 19 years old kid, he aims to bring more drivability in his daily ride. Well, this is his only car for a time being.

Proudly support but mostly, support local movement, or should i say, Motorsport purists in DwiBahasa. FreshPhysics was one of a kind. WE DO SUPPORT FP!.

Nardi steering, stock dashboard and not so fancy fuel gauge.

This is more than what we could asks for. I mean a lots of people would dream owning AE86 but for god's sake, its friggin' expensive here in Malaysia. I think the owner must probably be grateful of what he have now. I think i should too.

I hate writer's block. Up here, its a prove that Im in writers block!


zamildrift said...

Should lower the rear. Btw I got new front springs. Hehe. Thanks mang for the post!

johnmotorfix said...

kete aku xde ke??? hahaha...sblm kete aku reput dimamah usia...skarang da reput cket...ahahahawa

freshphysics said...

Thanks 4 d shouts ayy! REVS the BEST in town fo real..u guys kickin it!


revs Chapman said...

no prob bro. we all the best. haha