Anep's BMW E30

This was really a very very old picture. it was taken on somewhere around 2009 or 2010.But I managed to dig 'em up tonight. Kinda bored around here actually.

So it was 1983 BMW E30 belongs to my friends. Kinda stock. I was actually going for the photography angle and etc rather than showing off the car. But anyways, just enjoy the picture

Bought on somewhere 2009, Anep's kindly repaint the old boring sky blue E30 to this madness flat black. Was actually full of bodykit before but something kinda ruin it. It was ME. ahaha

With stock rims, and stock ride height, it is just comfortable for a daily ride. But not for high speed as the body tend to yaw and sway all around.

Mtech 2 bodykit all around, and twin tip exhaust, this car can reach a topspeed up to 200km/h. Well, i think it can go that fast provided the suspension are all set up.

Rear M3 spoiler add up touch to this car. The owner himself likes the M3 a lot but being broke and student is something you can't run. It is going to be just like that.

So that was it, a flat black BMW E30. Now it is faster than your average sport car, but I just dont have the time to shoot it anymore. Kinda far. Haha


Adam Amin said...

1st and 3rd pic..awesome

Anonymous said...

Looks like outside Riana Green