1990 European Car of the Year.

Running around my hometown to complete some of the uncomplete chores, i'd stumbled upon this extreme low-down, slender Citroen XM. The reason why I chose to snap this kind of car is, it is more or less, sitting on the street. 20mm away from the chassis and the street yo.

How lowered this was and how attractive the body made us gawked for quite a long time there and the best part is, its a lowered to the ground. Fully lowered. Well, I know there's a lot of car can make this kind of things but this is Original.

The hydractive (so-called the spring and absorbers combined) are the worse thing to date if you want to use it in Malaysia. There are no replacement parts for citroen here, unless if you look at chop shop.

We spent almost 30minutes there to see the beautiful curves of this car,

The sad part being this car is, it is abandoned. I don't know much about the previous owner, and what the hell happens, but it is sad. IMHO this car looks a bit like BOAT if you look at the last picture. IMHO though, can't blame me.

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