Ammar KE70

ghahaha my friends keep asking me why I regularly post the old car with bright wheels. I just don't know. I like his car. (I sense that i'm gonna be the next owner) haha. Thanks Ammar for recent drift ride. I owe him a lot actually. ahhaha.

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ellmiesupreme said...

nicely done bro..
terbaaaik ah pic kau..
lepas ni, photoshoot kereta aku pulak leh?hehehe

revs Chapman said...

hur hur hur.
noob lagi la..
boleh je. impromptu photoshoot. always impromptu. hahaha

Mike Kong said...

the 1st picture doesn't work out due to the UWA lens but the others are great! keep up the work bro!

after i revive my car then i'll make an appointment with u to go for a shoot! my car looks like crap now so ....i can 4get bout having a shoot...