Camo Rocker Cover 4G91

While browsing my Facebook updates last time, i stumbled upon this great DIY done by my friends. The outcome was very nice. Camouflage rocker cover is very nice to seee. But to do it? It takes a lot of wee hours to do these kind of things. Anyways Kudos to my great friends, Ng Wheng Chung and Ian Peterson Lo.

Start off with standard, dull and boring silver rocker cover.
 Another last look to the boring head.
 My friend, NWC cover up the parts that he did not want to spill his spray.

 Sanding and cleaning the head. Cover up all the holes.

 First layer was a High Temp Coating. 700 degrees celcius.

Very2 shiny outcome.

Then, Coat it with first base coat

First layer of Camo spotted.

 paint the center/ spark plug area in dark colour.

and then, check it out. NICE CAMO ROCKER COVER man.

Picture by Ian Peterson Lo and Ng Wheng Chung. They can also customized your stock standard head cover for a nice price yo!. Contact them at here and here.

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