Last time, when i meet this funky guy, Ammar, the first thing i'd fall in love is his Flourescent Orange Advan Oni. Since then, I have this particular feelings over funky coloured rims. And thats why I paint my rims to neon yellow. It started to dragged me everytime I looked at my car. Here's some photo you might like. Enjoy

 Enkei RPF1 Neon Yellow

 Volks CE28N takata green.

 Nismo LM GT4 on purple
 JDMU Teal

 TE37 on Mag Blue
 TE37 Shocking pink!

 RE30 on Pink

 Fluorescent orange on RE30

 Takata green TE37

Picture found here

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Anonymous said...

Hey what kind of paint did you use for the neon yellow rim? thanks :)