Getting A quite nice moment.

Alhamdulillah, everything's getting better now. With class that would end on mid 2010, and final exam coming, I think it would be a last joyful time before I finish my diploma. Alhamdulillah, something that i've been waiting for had finally arrived last week. It is


Project CORONA.

My 'saje-saje gatal nak ada' Final Year Project. Yeayy..

Got it from Mohan, me and my housemate gonna spend the last 2 month stripping, implement all what we have learn at our college, modifying, overhauling, put it back on and off the track we go!. With limited budget due to ourselves monetary problem, God's willing, we put our best at it and we're going to make it drift spec.

More on that later, ok? I've been thinking of getting a car for my own project. Basically as you all know, I like automotive thingies and i've been so into drifting for quite a decade now. As a poor and cute, innocent child (hehe), i was only allowed to see and not to touch the drift car. A decade later, with god's willing in couple of days or week or months, i could possibly own one. Pray for me to fulfill my dream alright ladies?.

I think i finally fall in love with my camera. I love the way it takes picture but, you know, being a limited camera, it cannot make picture like his brothers. But thank god, i got it. Hehe. You know what, just couple of days ago, in fact, years and ages ago, i read and stalk this one photography group that always compared their gadgets to the others. Maybe its a good thing for them but for fuck sake, I just hate them. They use a canon DSLR and my god, their picture not even worth a dime. But for 'i dont know who's ' sake, they compared their picture, they even lowered our self confidence as a 'entry level' dslr owner.

But come to think of it, their picture was crap, too. And not to be mention actually, this guys are so into hardcore stuff, skating and some wedding. WTF man?. I know i'm a Nikonian and have no right writing this, but what the hell, do you guys even have a life? Tak guna betul. I mean, if you are freaking millionaire, your picture is jaw-droppingly nice, then its ok to say so ( for this type of guy only lah, but cannot also).

you are one of a lowlife scum photographer. No right at all man. Just make some of us feel uncomfortable at a time. Damn lah. Please, get a life. Damn tetibe rants sorang2 kat sini. :D

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Ikman said...

wallaweh. projek kereta drift.
dah siap nak shoot!
nak try buat gambar cam dlm hellaflush tu. gila vavengs.