happy new year folks.

Its not too late i'd guess to wish happy new years to all bloggers and readers. Happy 2010. Well, for couple of month behind,i did not update anything about me self in the blog right? so, here it is, a short update about me self and not your self.

i did finished my on job training at Honda kuantan. Love lot of thing about Honda cars. Met some short minded people. met some good people there, means, good mechanic that willing to teach me in anything, not like my previous OJT where all those people are lansi as hell. will go there again in this february so need to start warming up about mechanics thingy.

Goodyear Racing Formula D

been to Goodyear Racing Formula D Asean in Serdang. had a really fun day. Met with international drifter like Madmike, Daijiro Yoshihara and Ryuji miki. A lot of photos were taken in that 2 days event but only some can pakai. A lot of good cars especially my favourite JZX100. Oh damn it.

Madmike doing it sideways at Formula D.

Madmike car rocked a hell of a day. The sounds of the engine was like so tempting. In low revs, it sounds as if it were saying vulgar words in Malay. like 'kepala otak kau, kepala otak kau' or 'paleotak kau paleotak kau' but in more deeper and slower way. On high revs, huh..more to F1 sounds. (sorry cannot write how the sounds sound). Ryuji Miki , Tengku Djan, Kiki, they rocked out the day. I was screaming like no tomorrow when they're drifting.


meet with this girl long time ago and we've become friends for a long time. For a quite sometime in 2009, we've taken a step ahead in our relationship. Alhamdulillah, everything goes very well. For now we've already in couple of month of relationship, hope it will lasts forever. Just pray and wishing everyday for that.Amin. you all should pray for that too yeah. hehe. and with all of this being said, i just want to say, Thank you Nurul Syafiqah for everything. I love you :)

Honda Civic EG6

Gosh. i wish 2010 and later years bring happiness to me as i want to be happy and not miserable. And also bring happiness to you readers. So for wishlist for this year, are, I really need a project car. been thinking about Honda Civic EG track-purposed built and Nissan Sylvia S13. Someone please give me any of that car for free!.

Nissan 180sx S13

no, seriously, i need a project car because lately i've been wandering around peoples blog then found out that they are building some project car.so i want also. so just wish this year brings a lot of happiness and prosperity to me and also to all of you readers. :)

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