Subaru Impreza Ver. 8

A meaty 320 eager horsies at 6400rpm, this is one mean mutha of Impreza. Punch through the Short throw 6-speed gearbox and it’ll get to 100km/h in about 4.5 seconds and on to a speed of 275km/h if you remove the speed limiter.

With a high-output turbo and variable valve timing, a muscle torque of 384Nm at 4400rpm, which means that you could be in any gear and all you need to do is just graze the gas pedal to get an instant explosion of acceleration. With that powerful boxer engine, every gear selected is a ‘brapppp-pschhh’..

A series of corner are really a heaven-ly good. It changes direction with a true aplomb, mid-corner grip, simply fabulous. The chassis is set up in such way that the tail will respond gladly to the throttle-lovely, controllable power slides.

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