Define Irreverent

I have a psychedelics feelings of loving you. i felt that it might take you by surprise. The question of What If always intrudes my mind. The unavoidable feelings could have been taking me by surprise. To tell you the truth, i haven't felt the way, i feel today. In so long, its hard for me to specify and understand what am i going through right now.

Its like walking in a haunted rooms, seeing someone at the corner of the round table. Or much worse, seeing you hook up with someone who looks like me, but not me.. Its like feeling unconscious in the middle of train station. Or waking up in the Amazon jungle.

I hope you'd stopped reading this by now. You shouldn’t be reading this. It’s completely redundant. This makes them hellish hard to write about. Everything is in the ear of the beholder: I may hear sadness where you hear laughter. I may write love but you may read hateness.

I’m about to stop writing. You’re about stop reading. Hopefully