Talks about performance brake last two or three posts, lemme tell you about this trainee who currently training at Kelana Jaya.

So macam biasa, as you all (speed junkie) know, Honda Civic Type R FD2 that hanging in my workshop tu pakai Brembo 4 pot pada discbrake depan. And discbrake blakang hanya 1 pot non brembo brakes. (Pot means piston, if one pot means only use one piston).

And there's again this fella yang berlagak la jugak. like i post in last 2 posts kan. He was ordered to take out all the wheels and put it into the store. Just in case some people had some crazy mind to steal that wheels. I was there, just looking at him doing his work while i also do my work laahh..

Then i walked beside the car, and purposedly asked about the brakes. Just to see how well this guy knows about cars. Being a regular automotive college guy, my hands are itchy, my head are full of question.

and then there was i, starting a conversation, at the omniously right times. " Hoa best gila Type R ni, brembo brakes tu, 2 pot tu"..(purposedly state the fact wrong).

and he paused, and thinking about what should he tell me, i'd guess. And then, " tu la, brembo two pot ni best giler( copying my word), brake ni makan weh. Aku pernah try."

"eh ni betul ke two pot?"

"betul la. Nampak kan kat sini. 1 and 2. (sambil pointing kat only 2 piston)" Jawab dia.

aku dalam hati gelak je. takkan la tak nampak piston 2 biji lagi kat blakang tu oi?..haha

Makahai. Dah tak tau buat cara taktau.

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