Rally X, Sepang International Circuit.

Woah, That day was freaking awesome. A lot of crowd, a monstrous sound of engine roaring in the middle of palm estate. and one lucky photographer was there. hehehehe.. Enjoy the picture, im having writer's block now. Thanks

It is indeed a dirty day, even my body got attacked by bloody dust, trapped inside the sensor. Adoi

My friend told me that i was unbelievably close to the car when i snapped this picture.
Version 4 baby!
Those freaking dirt sliders! go go go!
A hit and run


Do comment my picture if you got any time. A newbie in automotive scene. Thanks


perutkempis said...

Gambaq2 gini sedap view besar2 ni.

BFA876 said...

Nice shots!!!. Would you mind if I feature photos of me in my blog ?

revs said...

yeah..of course..take it..it would be such a great honour for me. :D

don't forget to link me eh..and 1 taxi ride please :D hehe

BFA876 said...


thks!!! no prob.... will link your shots to your site.