Been checking this car for this month. Huhh.. BMW 320i E30. Lately my friend and i have this overzealously feeling over this car. Seriously it is friggin nice. The construction of the body makes it looks so tempting. There is a mafia looks if you see it intentionly. The body, the engine, the looks. Arghh. You know what. There is a good news and the bad news about this car. Which one would you want to hear first eh?

Ok. The good news is, (this is very good news i mind you), My friend Mohan are selling 1983 BMW 320i E30 Mtuned for only RM 9,000. I repeat nine thousand ringgit. For a good deal, there's always a good thing. The body is very nice, very low mileage, M3 (mtech) bodykit, 2 doors summore, Powerful engine, Nice and rare number plate, New tyres, Just overhaul engine. Very nice colour, blue + green, Nice retro interior, 1 old man owner, now maintained by Mpower workshop at Taman Mayang, PJ. any possible thing about this particular car is very nice lah!..HUH, you should see it to believe it. Like old people words lah, seeing is believing. huhu.

OK, now to the bad news. Hmm, due to budget constraint, I have to give this very good deal to my friend. He is buying this machine. Ayooo.. If i have a lot of money la, i'd buy this at the very first day he mentioned this good deal. Maybe not my rezeki kot. hehe.

But, there's a good side. Mohan got one more standard E30 for sale. And there is Alpina B6 2.8 at the Esso petrol station, nearby KFC, Jalan Universiti PJ, Got some money? fund it to me. PM me for my bank account.

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Anonymous said...

Bro.. is the rm9000 BMW sold??