Penggambaran Luar Pintu

Hello folks, Leng Chai, Leng Nui, Heppay Chinese new Year. Nah penggambaran Luar Pintu untuk hari-hari sebelum. Still on practice, on my new lens for some wedding soon, or anything that might coming, like some pre-wed or some..anything. what ever. I don't know. . Did some editing though. Be sure to check out.

If you do ask why some of the colour in the photo up there, was like, so into the saturation, that is because, I'm using the Vivid and More Vivid type of colour.

Oh hey. This is my brothers. The gay-green colour shirt is my younger brother and blue black one is, of course, my elder brother.


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Muhammad Aliff Ali Azizan said...

abang,boleh ajar mcmane nak edit gambar yg ke-4 tu tak ? nampak klasik tambah pula dgn muka bangah bersame speknye tu..hahaha