Outdoor shoot.

hey there, its been a long time isn't it?. Dah lama betul tak update. Dah berhabuk dah. Ha ha ha. Ok. sorry for inconvenience, my laptop isn't as fast as you would've thought. It might be fast, if only i upgrade it to another level, but, not now. not in the near future though.

right then, let us continue to the photography section. ermm, last year, 2 or 3 days right after christmas, my father bought me a lens. A wide angle lens and telephoto lens. HEHEHE. Thanks ayoh!

OK. cut the crap. This is my first outdoor-garden shoot out. Sangat letih, sangat susah, dan sangat berpeluh. Tomei ni pulak macam tak serius nak ambek gambar. hahahaa. Mana tau dia tak serius ni?. tu apahal tu?do click the picture if you want to zoom the picture eh.
I have no problem with this picture. OK. go on. I like this picture btw. Tomei menggaru2 badannyer

OK. this one, silap setting. tak tau macam mana boleh lupa nak turunkan ISO. ISO set up at 1600. Mau tak grainy gambar ni. Adey. And lagi satu problem, Overexposed kat bahagian kepala, antara telinga Tomei ni.

This one pun agak sama. Lupa turunkan ISO. set at 1600, bulu kucing ni, if zoom in more, nampak agak dissolve. Time ni, dia tengah relax berjalan2, and aku pun time ni, nak kena berlari, duduk atas rumput punya nak capture this scene. Still need sifu to learn.

ini dah tak ada idea nak shoot cara apa dah

this one masa dia tengah termenung tengok apa tah. meniarap dan baring2 semasa mengambil gambar. hehe.

So the conclusion is, i still need a lot of time and patience to learn all about outdoor photoshoot ni. Be it with animal, or even human pun, patience and passion mesti ada. learn from our own experience. Salah silap marah diri sendiri la. Ha ha.

ok bye

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