I got tagged by this one friggin cute blogger. Fatin fathanah :D

Tuliskan 10 pekara tentang orang yang TAG kamu.

1. She's so into photography
2. She live in seremban
3. I found her on myspace
4. She have a very good eye in photography
5. She looks like my........
6. She knew me, because i commented her ' silhouette' photos. Nice one girl!
7. we never met, i never knew her,vice versa
8. She's schooling at KGV, Kajang Golden village. Haha haha
9. She's nice i'd guess. Wish someday to meet her in person. Borak2 ke apa ke kan?
10. the thing i remember bout her, "hellow smellow". Hahaha 

b)Masukkan emo yang kamu suka.
Finding Emo? FInding elmo? Nemo?

c)Senaraikan novel kegemaran kamu.
If you could see me now, Flowers for algernon, There's something about marie. :D

d)senaraikan 5 benda yang kamu sayang
1. Family and CAT
2. Girls
3. my honourable DSLR
4. Nissan Skyline R32
5. you.

To FF, i tag you back!. WUAHAHAHA

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