Suzuki Swift

High-revving 1.6 litre, naturally-aspirated DOHC VVT 4-cylinder engine with a 11.1:1 compression ratio, 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, High lift cams, Forged pistons, and strengthened valve springs.

nahh.. who cares.

okay, about the editing. I make it sharp and clean as possible. The colour, i don't know, too much yellow maybe, it looks good by the way. For me, Suzuki Swift looks abit like Mini Cooper. I mean the resemblance of the body style, it really stands out the " my car looks like mini" looks. aughh.. What am i writing...nevermind that.

The picture was taken when i was in Udey Ismail Wedding in CS style. Orang suruh snap gambar orang kahwin, dia shoot kereta. Aiyo

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