Honda EG6

Light weight, Fwd, high revving engine, and good value. The civic formula has always been to be economical, and this is the idea of all civics today. Been economical doesn't necessarily mean boring. The Civic SiR carried a DOHC 1.6 Liter that become a bench mark for it's time. Producing 160 HP and seemingly limitless revs, it made the EG6 more than just a commuter car. While not producing the most HP per liter for it's time, the power was much more usable than that of the Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg's 175 PS

Cool isn'it? Being an automotive student, it is so easy to get into the cars. I mean, get in to the Cars thingy. You know what i mean. By the way, the picture above is my artwork. I just like messing these two things i like. Cars and Photography. and editing also. So that's why the picture above was like, old version (kot?)

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