Al Fatihah

Today is 22nd October 2008, Its been a year since my cutie lil sis gone. A sad year, a dreadfully distressing moment for me to know that she’s gone forever. I have been missing her in view of the fact that like, I don’t know, since her appear in my life and to the day I die. It’s been a hard year for me, to lose someone like you. Last year, I could not accept the fact that you are gone, forever. And I have been crying to know that you’ll never come back.

I can still remember, every morning last year, you’d arrive at the school at 7 a.m. and was waiting for your friend. You would ask me to buy you a lollipop everyday and bought you with vitagen and all the small candy. And with your kindness-cute-childish look-alike, it makes my heart melt, well, it did. Its hard to explain this feeling, the i-miss-you-so-so-very-much feeling.

The day she died, i couldn't cry. I was so numb. And after that, I was like, cried, cried till speechless. Till now, I’d still remember and sometime I also feel, the feeling of sorrow after the funeral, and the feeling that I should accept the fact that she’s gone. Aughhhh…well..its been a year. And everyday, I wish and pray that she live peacefully there, and been put upon the good soul there. Al-Fatihah to Fatin binti Rosli. May peace be upon her there. Amin.

Al Fatihah.


ARm Myopia™ said...

adik ko ke?

revs revs revs said...

tak..macam adik..

ARm Myopia™ said...

ooohh. okayh. sbb ade dgr cite ni. xsangke tol

Naurah said...

i thought she is ur adik kandung.