Well, ive been away for a long time. No internet connection in my area, and i'd just been busy studying. There's not much time to log in to computer, or worse, thinking about internet stuff. Distressingly, i've also been thinking a lot my holiday for upcoming raya. Only a week?..what the fish?..and i am also thinks a LOT about my family. So, that's all for now, and ladies, this time also, i've been connecting/bashing other people wifi, slowing their bandwidth. So, i can't really chat with you girls. hehee...Lately i started to thinking about someone, it really makes my heart so free.oh! how to tell lah this feeling..And for those who thinks a lot about me, well, peculiarly, i'm fine, life's good, and fasting is damn nice. I can save up to RM10 per day. hehe..

enjoy my picture. thanks

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alep said...

den baru jumpo blog ekau..