Long time already!

Its been a long time I didn’t update this blog. Almost a month. More than a month. While maintaining the stable college life now, I also “malas”..yes, the keyword is “malas”. Not really lazy actually, but at my house here, there is no internet connection, or in a more modern word people say, “no wifi lah here”. And for about a month here, there also no time to use the camera, so, no picture lah.

Actually got, but I was clearly malas to upload.

So, more than a month staying here, there’s a lot thing happened to me. New life, College life, bizarre friends, lost the proton putra, found it back, new experience, a lot of people’s behavior , exotic friend’s car, new knowledge and a lot-lot more.

The best thing here is, I can improve my English a little bit. You see, in my class, right, there are no Malay boy or girl there, so, the chance that I’m gonna speak Malay everyday, is very low or no chance at all. And I was forced to speak English everyday, because, my lecturer is foreigner, and my 4 friend also, foreigner. If I continue to speak Malay, so they will not understand. And if they don’t understand, they don’t want to speak with me. So, I have less and less friends and my mind doesn’t really berkembang. You get the idea here right?.

And if you notice my writing here, mostly are not really in a good form of English, or easy to say lah, “grammar lari, ntah hape ntah.”..this is because, I actually kan, translate bit2 from Malay to English. And in my college right, my close friend is Chinese and Indian. So..you also can get the picture here again. Right?..

A “little bit campur-campur” is the right word here.

So, for those who keep questioning “kenape tak update blog?”, “ kenapa biar je blog tu bersawang?”, “Takde gamba baru ke?”, all question is clearly stated in this post. Later I will update. Sikit2 sudeh.

and you know what?..now i am very lonely. very!..i need someone right now.

for all

Wait for upcoming post ya!

Go, take a look at two or three picture here..old picture..i got it after digging the old file in my computer.

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