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First Name = Ariff
Nickname = Ariff, firdaus, hey sexy. hey gorgeous
Name you wish you had = YES..ahah
What do people normally mistake your name as = Ariff aziz, eric, LOL
Birthday = 23april bebeh!
Birthplace = Kuantan
Time of Birth = 8.06am..
Single or Taken= Single n taken
Zodiac sign = Taurus kot?..

[Your Appearance]

How tall are you = 168cm
Wish you were taller = i yeap!
Eye color = Brownish bLack
Eye color you want = Totally black
Natural Hair color = Black
Current Hair color = A black with some maroon if you see me under sunshine
Short or long hair = agak long and agak short lah.
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color = yeah..Black. Bizzare kan? aha
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair = now. I try to make my hair to more afro like.
Glasses or contacts = Glasses with contact lens.
Do you wear make-up = why you wanna know?..hahaha
Ever had hair extensions = nevah!
Paint your nails = yeah..when i paint my house

[In the opposite gender]

What color eyes = Green hehe
What color hair = blackish brunette. hehe
Shy or Outgoing = 50-50 hehe
Looks or personality = 50-50 oso. hehe
Sexy or Cute = sexxay and cute and innocent like. hehe
Serious or Fun = more to FUN. hehe
Older or Younger than you = Younger lah of course. hehe

[This or that]
Flowers or Chocolate = chocolate. can eat and kenyang. ha ha..
Pepsi or Coke = Pepsi
Relationship or One night stand = aha...Relationship la of course
School or Work = School kot. huahaha
Love or Money = Love cannot buy food and money cannot buy happiness.
Movies or Music = Musvies
Country or City = i prefer a city with a country like situation
Sunny or Rainy days = i love rainy nights. but i need sunny. Nissan Sunny to be exact. wakaka
Friends or Family = family DEFINItely..FRIENDS are my 2nd FAmily!!=)

[Have you ever]
Lied = Yes. 40-70
Stole something = yeah..other's people heart..heeee...:D
Smoked = Yes. By any mean, smoking the tyres!..yeehaaa
Hurt someone close to you = yes. my sister. always cubit2
Broke someone's heart = yeah kot..haha
Had your heart broken = 6 times kot
Wondered what was wrong with you = yeah..my body is too perfect. a lot of muscles..wahahahaha
Wish you were a prince/princess =Sometimes..dream to be sultan brunei son in law.
Liked someone who was taken = yeah..almost everytime
Shaved your head = yes 7 years old
Been in love = ahaa..yyess...
Used chopsticks = chicken chop sticks?
Sang in the mirror to yourself = always. in the bathroom

Flower = White roses
Candy = eye candy
Song = 'kokokaina' for the time being
Scent w= ambi-pur akakakaka
Colour = Red, blue, white and flat gold and flat black too
Movie = Comedy romantic aaction
Junk food = dah lama tak makan.
Website = http://revsphotoblog.blogspot.com
Location = Seoul, korea. wakakak
Animal = Cats

Ever cried over someone = once
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself = not so korean looking face. LOL!
Do you think you're attractive = 50-50
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose = The cats and the goldfish
Do you play any sports = Drifting. ha ha

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List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people
1) i love cars
2) i love photography.
3) im regular human so i do make mistake
4) Ipod
5) Are you lonesome tonight?. ha ha
6) Dun judges the book by its cover
7) Braces
8) nampak sombong first time..tapi tak

The 8 people I tag:
1) I
2) Don't
3) Know
4) Who
5) to
6) Tag
7) After
8) This

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