Wedding shoot out.

Last 16 march, for the first time in my life, i got to tag along one photographer for the "sanding' action. Her name is Kamalia Kamal. Do click her name though, to see her Fotopages. Nothing special though, but i learn quite a lot in that day. Actually, before this, tag along some people was my job, but not in the "sanding" event, but all about Nikah and Outdoor potraiture. So, here 's my picture. Critic n Comment are needed. thanks.

try to make some silhouette baby!
The Food.
Buai Laju-laju la la la~
mari kita lihat sama2 nak?

a bit in saturation. Purposely
Flowers and Love
Look at that Aeroplane RC. What lah
You Suka tgk Pangako sayo?
Yeay dah kawin
He he HE he
Alo Lo lo lo

That's All. Thanks Kamalia Kamal for giving me such an opportunity. May Allah bless you. Amin.

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