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I got tagged by this cutie pie, Annabeth..she’s really cute. Yeah..really!..(anna, belanja me McD ice cream..hehehe)

Real name: 
Nickname: Ariff, arep, revs, RF, ariff aziz LOL, ariff lol
Married: No.
Male/Female: Male.
High school: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Abu Bakar (SABS)
College: dunno lah, Segi college, Unisel, Lim Kok Wing..
Short or long hair: Short and 37% curly and handsome.
Are u a healthy freak: Yes. I always eat healthy food. Ex. Twisties
Height: 169cm.
Do u have a crush on someone?: F…nevermind.
Do u like yourself: not really, but I’m proud what I am
Piercings: what is this?..is it something relate to pierce brosnan? Haha
Righty of lefty: Righty.

Surgery: Last 10 years..my thumb kena mata kail
Piercing: Pierce brosnan?again?..haha..nott
Person u see in the morning: Cutie n Innocent face in the mirror. hehe :p
Award: Cutest n Most influencial person in my gang..*
Sport u join: Drifting..i’m not lying
Pet: Kucing Cat named Tomei
Vacation: Medan, Indonesia
Concert: Violin concerto =D
First crush:. Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

Eating:)in the middle of the night
Drinking: Plain water sudeh
I'm about to: think about someone, before sleeping.

Your future...
Want kids: yes. 2 or 3 kot.
Want to get married: yes, when the time has come
Careers in mind: Photojournalist, automotive journalist…

Which is better?
Lips or eyes?: Lips n eyes, like Julie Hoi
Hugs or kisses: Both kot?.haha
Shorter or taller?: Shorter.
Romantic or spontaneous: Romantically spontaneous.
Sensitive or loud: A little bit campur-campur.
Troublemaker or hesitant? :Thinking….

Have u ever....
Kissed a stranger?: No. No.
Drank bubbles: Dove shampoo bubbles?..haha
Lost glasses/contacts: NO, never.
Ran away frm home: thought it once kot..
liked someone younger: Of course.
liked someone older: Hannah T, or Stephanie Chai kott?
Broke someone's heart: Don’t really know, many times kot
Been arrested: yeah..by my friend
Cried when someone died: yeah..i cried for over a week. Strange for boy kan?

Do u believe in...
Yourself?: Yes..M.A.A
Miracles: Yes and yes. Sometimes miracle do happen
Heaven: Yes.
Santa Claus: Yes..Every year kat KLCC ada…
Magic: Yes, no, Maybe, I dunno
Angels: Yeah.:)

Answer truthfully..
Is there someone u want to be with right now?: Yessss….F..nevermind again
Do u believe in God?: Yes. :) Allah S.W.T

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Mohamed Saddam
Hoon Leng

I don’t know who to tag lah…since everybody done already.. Hahaha…anyone who read this kot..hahah

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