23February, me n my friend, wan saiful, a proud nikon D40 owner too, bercadang untuk shooting sunset. n then, we set up date n venue, n there wan and i was, 24February, Teluk Chempedak at 5.30 A.m..

turns out, we both meet up at 6 am at McDonald Teluk Chempedak. he he he..both late 30minutes weh!..ha ha ha..n then i set up camera n then there goes picture..ha ha ha
Sunrise, approximately 7.50 am, behind the cloud, people running, la la la..Looks more like sunset right?..i think, for this picture i shoot with highspeed shutter speed..hehe..and then i edit to make it look like sunset..hehe..
Last pic, actually there's more pic to show, but i randomly picked this 3 picture, because, i don't know lah..maybe a bit lawa kot. ha ha the way, thanks for reading my blog eh..hehe..

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ahmad said...

lawa sunrise!