Satria Neo S2000

For sure though is that it should start competing in at last a few rounds of the Super 2000 category in world rally competitions by the middle of this year.

Super 2000, also known as S2000, is an FIA specification and classification for production based race cars. The specification is split to cover both rally and touring car racing.

The goal of the Super 2000 classification is to allow more manufacturers and privateers to race by reducing the cost of a competitive car.

FIA specifications include the following:

* Derived from production model, of which 2500 have been produced in the past year
* Maximum of 2 liter displacement
* Maximum of 280 bhp
* Normal Aspiration
* Minimal weight 1150kg
* All wheel drive is permitted in rally cars, but not in touring cars.
* 6-speed sequential gearbox (Control specification made by Sadev, Xtrac or Ricardo. No electronics allowed in differentials)
* Front and rear McPherson suspension
* No electronic driver aids
* Maximum width of 1.8 meters
* Must be for sale at a maximum price of รณ168,000.

Look at that Fender. Walaoweh!..slrrpppp!

Credit to Hisham Jahudi's


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