its good bebeh!
Last weekend was wicked!..that's all i can say.anyway The Election day, in Kuantan, was so-so only. Boring, no rusuhan n yada yada yada. ha are some of the picture i've taken. Some of it are Photojournalist style.

Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya
A couple of makcik chit chatting, or maybe 'gossip-ing' about the rumours that Norish Karman's arms are so big and fat. Ha ha ha.
One BN active member walking by the flag, located in SkC Pei chai, Air putih, Kuantan
"Undilah Calon Barisan Nasional" poster
This man walking by the PKR flag.
1,2,3 GO, referring to this uncle's hand

This car was passing by when i shoot this, not in static moment. Passing by markas BN
Keadilan, in the sky!
2 PKR flag and Adnan Yaakob face.
Look at that God's creation. MasyaAllah. The sky so blue, and the sun, shines.
Makcik PKR's supporters, support PKR. ha ha ha.

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