Drift at Kuantan (Part 1)

Kuantan drift scene was not very stand out . There's only a couple of car that's very serious in drifiting. and for those who stay at Kuantan, those freaking sideways car are rarely to be seen. Only a couple of pakcik's driving Toyota KE70 and that is. Huhu. This picture i snapped in 16 March at InderaMahkota. First time seriously shooting panning style and drift. haha..complete the one of my main reason of buying DSLR. haha..ok. nuff said. Less Talk More photos eh?..haha..ok..henjoy...Toyota Corona
Nissan Cefiro.
HDR'd Toyota Te71. Look at that reflection owh
Lomo Donut
Corona Corona
Nisssan sKyyline

wait for the part 2..

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