BMW 318 i. A freaking car i should tell you. This German-made monster was produced in 2001, resulting in massive production a years and a years after. This ride proof that it is an eye-taker (if that's correct) because relatively, there were many cars parks there, but this beauty monster had taken my breath, my views and my shutter click, too.

This ride was done up equally between both engine and cosmetics. An M3 Front Grille and bumper add a classy yet a sporty look that enhances the features of the beemer. An AC Schnitzer M3 Carbon fibre front lips adds justice to the aerodynamics of this car. Smoked rims And if you can see here, there's a big Cold Air Intake, mounting just beside the spotlight..This proving that maybe this car was done up mildly in the engine. and else, who knows aite?

There were not many shots that i've taken because, i was afraid that this owner would probably chasing me with high heels, or worst, pepper spray. ha ha ha.
thats all from me..


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